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Fit for Duty
  • Vehicle registration and insurance is current and compliant.

  • I will not operate any vehicle when impaired by fatigue, medication, drugs or alcohol, or vehicles that I do not feel capable of handling in both normal and emergency situations.

  • No fluid leaks

  • Panels and visible structures are present and secure

  • Windows and wipers are clean and operational

  • Mirrors in good condition, secure and adjusted

  • Lights and reflectors clean and operational

  • Tyres correctly inflated, secure and treads are within limitations

  • Curtains, doors, latches and straps, secure and in good condition

  • No engine or drivetrain warning lights remain illuminated

  • No other warning lights remain illuminated

  • Seats and seatbelts in good, working condition

  • Any other vehicle-specific components (eg. reverse camera) operational

  • Horn working

  • Brake systems operational

  • No fluid leaks

  • Fluid levels correct (e.g. engine oil, coolant, washer fluid, hudraulic fluid, brake fluid).

  • No visibile issues


If any box is unticked, you are required to contact Fleet Control immediately, prior to starting your shift.

I certify that my answers to all questions are correct and accurate at the time of completion.